what is unique?

our platform.

Bento products are designed and deployed entirely on our own developed platform. For 8 years the focus has been on eradicating deficiencies in development of software so that our clients can take advantage of a fully customisable software, both front and back end. Opening a world of tailored software to medium size businesses that up until now has been inaccessible.

Code Freely

Using open web technologies, we have reinvented the entire coding to go live process. Removing the stipulation to code locally and upload versions of code allows our developers to code from anywhere at any time.

Quick Development/Modifications

Removing the need to upload versions and compile code prior to seeing its live application allows Bento to develop and modify client’s products with speed and flexibility. Changes and enhancements are made online in real time.

Connect with Ease

Our integration tools have been developed to allow for a seamless connection with any of your existing cloud or local business systems and databases. Integrating with server deployed applications allows our clients to get their data out of the cupboard and in to the hands of the people who need it most whether it be staff, customers or suppliers.

​We will say ‘Yes’

Everything is in your control, if you can think it, we can develop it, mobile applications to entire business systems. Deployed over your choice of medium, from apple and android devices to any web application or a mixture of both. All provided with your unique design requirements and all in your own branding.