about us

who we are?

about us.

At Bento Solutions our underlying goal and purpose is to make business processes more convenient. We specialise in the rapid development and deployment of custom apps. We are a proud Melbourne based company with a team of staff that have years of experience working with an array of business systems. We are a team that believe in automating processes, creating connectivity between systems and enabling the end user by placing the parts of your business you require on to their apple or android devices (whether that be your staff, customers or suppliers)

why the name?

behind the name.

Bento is a word typically associated with a segmented box commonly seen in Japanese cuisine. The term in 20th century mandarin retains its original meaning of convenient or convenience. This defines who we at Bento Solutions are. We connect your business system with the end user, whether that be internally or externally, through the use of smart apps. We visualise this connection like a bento box, combining systems, apps, websites and people to work in real time, whilst at the same time making convenience the key pillar.

what drives us?

our vision.

Over many years we at Bento Solutions have seen technology rapidly develop as businesses and their business systems endeavour to adapt. Our vision is to help businesses realise their potential, by taking advantage of new technology and growing with the digital climate that surrounds them. We help businesses grow and succeed by taking out the disconnect that archaic business processes create.

what makes us different?

Our Mindset

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